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Smart Color® PRO 7.25 Gel String - Rock & Roll - 18 Frame


Apollo gel color filters help create mood, emotion and atmosphere by changing the color and quality of light. The gel string allows multiple colors to be easily and inexpensively changed from one production to the next. The roll of gel filter colors is assembled and ready to use in preselected set of “Theater” or “Rock ‘N Roll” or custom colors.

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The filters are designed to meet the specific demands of the lighting industry. They are made from a heat resistant polyester material that is highly durable and resistant to punctures and tears. The dye is added through a double coating process that creates an optically clear color that will not scratch. The filters are consistent from batch to batch and provide superior transmission of color.

Rock 'N Roll Colors

Clear AP3900 Voodoo Lavender
AP6400 Pilsner Yellow AP4450 Heavenly Blue
AP7600 Apollo Orange AP4250 Apollo Blue
AP7450 Golden Amber AP4200 Bright Blue
AP8300 Diva Red AP4950 Caribbean Blue
AP8350 Bludgeon Red AP5500 Neptune Blue Green
AP8750 Hot Pink AP5400 Rock 'n Roll Green
AP3150 Sour Grape AP4300 London Blue
AP3700 Groovy Grape AP6200 Banana Yellow

Filter colors shown are similar in hue, but different density.
For accurate color match, refer to the Apollo swatchbook.

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Name Smart Color® PRO 7.25 Gel String - Rock & Roll - 18 Frame
Condition New